lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Hvis lyset tar oss

T-shirt borrowed - Cardigan Rosewholesale - Hat h&m - Socks Taobao - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Yesterday I went out with my friends in the beautiful Atri, I hadn't much time to dress up 'cause I spent half of my day studying and the rest trying to retouch my roots so I decided a really easy and comfy look with a t-shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend. I listen to Buruzum a lot years ago and I didn't find any cool t-shirt in the past so I was happy to wear this one even if it's like two times my size ahah. The tights are new but I don't really like them on me, I don't know why they make my legs look fat XD I'll give them another chance when I can!

venerdì 29 agosto 2014

Review: JSG cardigan by Yesstyle

 I'm sure many of you already know the Yesstyle website, they sell a lot of asian fashions items and it's an authorized retailer of Shibuya 109 ( you can find tons of brands like JSG, GLAVIL, Me Jane, GOLDS infinity and GLAD NEWS) and they provide a wide range of refreshing Japanese designs for young woman. I got the amazing opportunity to choose an item from the the 109 section (my favorite in all the website!) so I picked a lovely striped cardigan from the brand JSG (lots of you surely remember the period this brand was really popular), I was always really curious to try a product from it! I got the parcel in around two weeks without problems, the custumer service is really great and it answers quickly every question, I recommend them for sure!

Hat h&m - Cardigan JSG - T-shirt gift - Shorts Tally Wejil - Shoes Cute to the core

The quality is really good, the material soft and it has lots of cute details, I really like the end of the dress with the black asymetric part, the metalic buttons are really cute and easy to close if you want to use it like a dress! I prefer to use it like a cardigan and it fits a lot of different styles. It's really flattering, I'm sure I'll wear it a lot during autumn!

The cardigan is available in white or pink for the amazing price of $26,50 (50% sales), don't miss the chance to get it for this great price! You can find a lot of different discounted items *_* for many different styles! Of course let me know if you like it and my outfit!