venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Skull and flowers

Hat h&m - Necklace Kookizare - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Bag TheGrungeMonkey - Sandals Quanticlo

Skulls and flowers are the prints I like the most on clothes (together with crosses ahah) so I fell in love when I saw this tote bag! I usually prefer wearing rigid bags and backpacks but tote bags are my favorite for summer time because they're super light and I can also wash them! I tried to mantain the flower motive with the top too (the tiny cut out with the flowers lace is adorable!), I thought it was a dress looking on the website but it's too short on me to wear it that way, I solved the problem with a black skirt under it and it looks like a dress with a double layer! I love playing with clothes, prints and accessories and make something totally different with the same items, I think it's the best part of fashion :D

mercoledì 29 giugno 2016


Hat Romwe - Top SheIn - Skirt Evris - Bag Michael Kors - Sandals Quanticlo - Necklace Vivienne Westwood

It's always a challenge trying new colors instead of my usual total black or blackxwhite coords, this time I gave a chance to the nude color: this top (which is actually a crop top even if it's not really visible) is a really cute model I saw almost everywhere on Instagram, I wanted it in black but it wasn't available so I tried for the first time in my life something nude. I still don't know if I like this color on me or not, it really depends on my mood ahahah but this coord is definetely one of my favorite elegant ones! I'm sure this shade of nude would be amazing over a tanned girl!